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The war for civilisational supremacy: what is at stake spiritually?

If we are looking for the keys to discerning hypotheses in the current conflict between Russia and NATO, we can turn to Rudolf Steiner.

We are dealing with a struggle between the Anglo-Saxon and Slavic elements.

These two civilisations have a special mission:

The mission of the Anglo-Saxon element is to develop the soul of consciousness in our time.

The Slavic element's mission is to develop the spiritual self, but only from the year 3573 until 5733.

The Anglo-Saxon element is therefore legitimate to act in our time.

Where it goes beyond its legitimacy is that it seeks unilateral domination.

However, another element is legitimate in our time (1413 to 3573), and that is the Germanic element linked to Central Europe.

The Germanic element's mission is to develop the Ego that is born within the soul of consciousness carried by the Anglo-Saxon element, so that it can then fertilise Slavic souls, so that the Ego can gradually mature in the Slavs so that the spiritual Self can then develop when the time comes.

This requires cooperation between Central Europe and the Slavic element, of which Russia is the most important.

The problem lies in the fact that the Anglo-Saxon Lodges are constantly trying to subjugate the impulse of Central Europe and Russia.

The first two world wars are a brilliant illustration of this:

The First World War saw the collapse of Central Europe and the Bolshevisation of Russia. Germans and Russians clashed.

The Second World War saw the crushing of Central Europe and the rejection of all German culture, which was equated with Nazism. Germans and Sovietised Russians clashed again.

Now we are once again faced with this new risk of confrontation between Central Europe and Russia, encouraged for the third time by the Anglo-Saxon element.

The Minsk Agreement of 2015 was just a smokescreen to give Ukraine time to arm itself, as former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former French President François Hollande pointed out:

Europe is thus showing that it is the vassal of the Anglo-Saxon element.

A possible peace would also have been sabotaged by former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

Finally, there was the sabotage of the Nordstream gas pipeline, allegedly carried out by the United States, preventing a link between Russia and Germany:

The 'positive' element (in the spiritual sense, accompanied by great suffering) that can be noted, however, is the fact that Ukrainians have had to take refuge in Central European countries. If they meet local people who have made sufficient progress in developing their Ego, this could be fruitful for the future.

Let us now examine certain hypotheses, in the event that the confrontation between Central Europe and Russia should arise again:

Central Europe is on the winning side and it is then the Anglo-Saxon element that could take over Russia, since Central Europe is subservient to NATO and therefore to the United States. The soul of conscience cannot then fertilise the self-spirit and the evolution of humanity therefore finds itself at an impasse.

Russia is on the winning side and would take over Central Europe.

The spirit self then bursts prematurely into the ego and once again we find ourselves at an impasse.

Rudolf Steiner also indicated that in the event of the collapse of civilisation today, there would be a possibility of civilisation starting again from Asian impulses (China, India, Japan?).

If Central Europe does not regain its autonomy in one way or another and/or if Central European civilisation and/or Slavic civilisation are destroyed, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for a harmonious encounter to take place between the Self and the Spiritual Self.


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