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The question of "Christ's return"

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

In the wake of the successive events that have struck humanity, the fear of death has reactivated in some people the expectation of a Saviour (Messiah, Jesus, Mahdi, Maitreya, Krishna, providential man, UN, artificial intelligence, extraterrestrials, etc.).

I - The appearance of Christ in the etheric world

On this question of the Saviour, many people and groups use the expression "Return of the Christ". This expression is strikingly imprecise and leaves the way open to many interpretations.

Rudolf Steiner clarified the term "Return of Christ". He was the first to explain that Christ was now taking etheric form in the astral world and that he would be perceptible to a few people in the 1930s, a perception that would gradually spread to more and more people.

This perception of the Christ in etheric form would enable people to rise to three types of perception:

- that of the etheric world (men will have the image and the presentiment of the events taking place in the spiritual world, and they will know that these events will be fulfilled in the next three or four days)

- that of his previous life

- that of the karmic compensation for one's actions.

He also points out that a physical return of Christ to Earth would make no sense, because the Mystery of Golgotha was a unique act, accomplished once and for all on Earth by Christ in the year 33, and it represents the centre of gravity of our entire earthly evolution.

He also adds that it is possible for human beings to participate in the development of the different bodies of Christ in etheric form:

- in the astral body of Christ through their faculty of astonishment, collaborating in the work of Adam's soul sister

- to the etheric body of Christ through their faculty of compassion, collaborating in the work of Widar

- to the space of manifestation of Christ through their faculty of moral consciousness, collaborating in the work of Michael.

Anthroposophy is a language for addressing questions to the etheric Christ. The experience of powerlessness can also lead to receiving the Grace of the Christ.

Rudolf Steiner also indicates that Christ acted in three preliminary stages to the Mystery of Golgotha and that he will act in three subsequent stages (already acting in the first subsequent stage).

These stages are as follows

1 - the harmonisation of the twelve senses in the physical body of man on the plane of the higher Devachan during the Lemurian period.

2 - the healing of the seven life processes in the etheric body of man on the lower Devachan plane at the beginning of the Atlantean period.

3 - The balance between the three forces of the human soul on the astral plane at the end of the Atlantean period.

4 - The Mystery of Golgotha on the physical plane during the 4th civilisation of the post-Atlantean period (encounter with the Mystery of Death).

5 - The appearance of Christ in etheric form in the Astral world during the 5th civilization of the post-Atlantean period (current encounter with the Mystery of Evil).

6 - The appearance of Christ in astral form in inferior Devachan during the 6th civilisation of the post-Atlantean period.

7 - the appearance of the Christ in the form of his I in the superior Devachan during the 7th civilisation of the post-Atlantean period.

This progression of the Christ in the spiritual worlds thus incites men who want to follow him to make an effort to prepare themselves to unite progressively with Him.

II - Threats to the perception of Christ in the etheric world

Rudolf Steiner also informs us that two occult fraternities of the left hand seek to oppose the perception of Christ in the etheric:


- The Western occult brotherhood of the left hand makes use of the materialistic deceased, in order to substitute for the etheric Christ a purely Ahrimanian etheric entity, called "Christ".

Unlike the Christ entity, the latter has never been incarnated.


- The Eastern occult brotherhood of the left hand uses the undissolved etheric bodies of the deceased so that demons can penetrate them, their power being reinforced by the corresponding ancestor cult. These demons aim to turn people away from Christ.

During his Incarnation, Ahriman will be able to unite these different movements and set up his great School of Mysteries. This will enable men to gain partial clairvoyance without effort, allowing them to perceive the purely Ahrimanian etheric entity.

If men were to succumb to this temptation, the spiritual evolution of humanity would be impeded.

The current of Alice Bailey, continued by Benjamin Creme, achieves a kind of synthesis of these two fraternities, by preparing minds for a physical return of the Christ, also called Maitreya.

But Benjamin Creme was not content with promoting a physical return of the Christ, he also sought to discredit Rudolf Steiner's research on the Christ in the etheric, in his book "The Mission of Maitreya", Volume 2 :

"Rudolf Steiner was a theosophist who broke away from theosophy to found anthroposophy. He was a remarkable man, an initiate of degree 2.2, who had fascinating and valuable insights into many areas such as agriculture, education and medicine.

Nevertheless, as far as the reappearance of Christ was concerned, he had, I believe, a gap.

Although he was a theosophist and called himself an esotericist, he was not, in my opinion, a true esotericist, but a Christian mystic.

Somehow his Christian mysticism got in the way of his understanding of the link between the Christ and the Hierarchy.

Even though, theoretically, he must have known that the Christ stands at the head of our Hierarchy, he saw it in a rather mystical way, and held that the Christ could not return in a physical body, but only at the etheric level (which he called the spiritual realm).

As we know, in 1945 Maitreya took the decision to return as soon as possible, on the physical, astral and mental planes. Steiner, who had died in 1925, was unaware of this aspect of the Plan.

This conflicted somewhat with Steiner's Christian mysticism. He continued to maintain that the Christ could only come at the etheric level.

Later, he wrote that in the coming age, people would develop etheric vision - which is correct - and one by one they would recognise the Christ on the etheric level. In my opinion, this is a totally erroneous conception.

It was Christian dogmatism that caused Steiner to continue to maintain that the Christ could not come in a physical body.

As if, by doing so, Christ would somehow be demeaned, reduced to a level too low. Many Christians think this.

By limiting his role to a principle, they fail to see him as a man who embodies that principle and who can work on all levels, including the physical."

III - Where do we stand?

We are witnessing globalisation at every level, and therefore an immense concentration of power:

Steps towards world religion :

- Inauguration on 16 February 2023 of the "House of the Abrahamic Family" in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, with one building for each monotheism:

Abu Dhabi: opening of the House of the Abrahamic Family - FSSPX.Actualités / FSSPX.News

- Inauguration in 2025 of the "House of One" in Berlin, a unique building for the three monotheisms :

"House of One" in Berlin, a place of worship unique in the world (

To find out more :

What kind of being would a world religion link us to? The "spirit of Assisi" in question (

Steps towards global education :

- Massive development of digital schools in the wake of the Coronavirus event

Steps towards global governance :

- Implementation by the Davos World Economic Forum of the "Great Reset" in early summer 2021, aimed at convergence between the physical, the biological and the digital, i.e. the implementation of transhumanism.

- Introduction of a digital identity wallet in 2024 for all EU countries

- Introduction of the digital Euro by 2027 at the latest.

In order to guarantee social peace in the face of the foreseeable global economic meltdown, we can put forward the hypothesis that a citizen's income will be transferred to people deemed 'compliant' by the State.

IV - What to do?

Rudolf Steiner urges us to take part in this decisive spiritual battle:

"False Christs will appear in our time when humanity is destined to see the true Christ in his etheric body. Anthroposophists, for their part, are called upon to be able to distinguish between the spiritual and the material; they will be armoured against any assertion, from whatever quarter, that a Christ will return in the flesh." (The appearance of the Christ in the etheric world, page 82).

"What is needed, then, is for this wisdom of the future, which is clairvoyant in nature, to be taken away from Ahriman. We could say: there are not two wisdoms, there is only one book. The question is whether it will be Ahriman's book or Christ's book. And for it to be Christ's, humanity must fight. And it can only fight by understanding that it must strive to acquire, before the incarnation of Ahriman, the whole content of spiritual science. This, you see, is the cosmic work of spiritual science. This cosmic task is to prevent all knowledge of the future from becoming Ahrimanian." (Incarnations of Lucifer and Ahriman, page 29).

"Either today's civilisation will achieve this independence of spiritual life from economic and political life, or it will eventually collapse and take its cues from Asian cultures. The Ahrimanian power will feel the independence of the spiritual life as a kind of darkness; it will be for it like the impression of a burning fire, a blazing fire that consumes the soul." (Incarnations of Lucifer and Ahriman, page 10).

"Basically, the appeal that must be made to the men of this time is this: Free yourselves from all the things that are likely to make you the supporters and supporters of Ahriman" (Lucifer and Ahriman, page 28).

With regard to the independence of the spiritual life from economic and political life, and more broadly with regard to the establishment of the triarticulation of the social organism, each person can participate in its progressive realisation by drawing inspiration from his or her current of Mysteries, the currents that Rudolf Steiner wanted to bring together at the Christmas Congress, according to Bernard Lievegoed :

The Archangel Widar, guide of the Northern stream, of the Will, is the one who triumphs over the Wolf Fenris during the Ragnarök. He thus overcomes the old clairvoyance, which seeks to sow chaos in the human soul, in order to develop the new clairvoyance, based on an increase in the forces of clear daylight consciousness, allowing the perception of Christ in etheric form. The men linked to this current seek to overcome the egoism that has spilled over into the economy, through the sacrifice of their Ego, which they have particularly strengthened, thus creating the conditions for brotherhood.

Christian Rosicrucian, Guide of the Southern Stream, of Death and Resurrection, is the one who has been able to achieve complete mastery of his physical body through perfect knowledge of its laws. So those who are linked to him aim to ensure that all the laws that shape our social body are balanced, in accordance with the principle of equality.

Zoroaster and Gautama Buddha, guides of the Eastern current, of Wisdom, prepared the primordial Grail, the body of Jesus of Nathan, so that it would be the first container to be able to receive the Blood of Christ. The spear of Longinus, through transfixion, enabled this Blood to be poured out in its entirety on Golgotha, and Joseph of Arimathea became its depositary.

King Arthur, following in the footsteps of Scythianos, the guide of the Western current, of the Perception of the Forces of Life, initiated, with his Knights of the Round Table, the quest for the Holy Grail, enabling the ennoblement of human souls by beginning a metamorphosis of the sexual forces through the search for courtly love, the path of the map of the tender.

It was the young Perceval, whose purity of heart and valour enabled him to become the King of the Grail. He seized the Holy Lance, the bloody spear of the Sinner King, to open up the new Christian mysteries in 869, thus allowing the currents of West and East to converge in the Current of Light.

The task of the men of this latter current is to develop freedom in the field of culture, and more specifically in education, science and the arts.

This work of collaboration by anthroposophists, of putting their karma in order, is also that of collaboration with Christ, who became Master of Karma in the 20th century, opening the way to the formation of spiritual communities of the future which will flourish during the sixth civilisation of the post-Atlantean period (3573 to 5733).

In the meantime, from the year 2086, according to a statement by Rudolf Steiner, buildings will be erected all over Europe to serve spiritual purposes and will be designed in a manner similar to the double dome characteristic of the first Goetheanum :

"But terrible times await humanity in Europe. We know that when the first third of this century has passed, the Christ will be seen in his etheric form and that this will give a powerful impetus alongside all the declining trends of this century. In earlier times, for example in the year 1000, people had to believe what Lucifer and Ahriman made them believe, because they did not yet have the true conscious impulse of the Christ within them. But we must no longer, we must voluntarily accept this new Christ impulse, in order to be able to resist Lucifer and Ahriman.

And so it will be in the 20th century, with Lucifer and Ahriman in particular seizing the name of Christ. Men will call themselves Christians and will no longer have any trace of true Christianity in them; and they will rage against those who will not only hold to what Christ said one day according to the tradition of the Gospels, but for whom the words apply: "I am with you always, to the end of the age", who will conform to the living and continuous impulse of Christ. Against them, all hell will break loose. Confusion and desolation will reign as the year 2000 approaches. And then there won't be a single piece of wood from our Dornach building on top of another. Everything will be destroyed and devastated. That's what we'll be looking down on from the spiritual world.

But when the year 2086 arrives, buildings dedicated to spiritual objectives will be erected all over Europe, which will be images of our Dornach building with its two domes. It will be a golden age for such buildings, in which the spiritual life will flourish". (Lit.:GA 286, p. 110f)


Document by Christian LAZARIDES on Rudolf STEINER's itinerary during his lectures on the Announcement of Christ in etheric form:

Announcing the etheric parousia of Christ, for 5 months, from Stockholm to Palermo and from Palermo to Christiania, with, in the middle, this star over Germany drawn by the very thread of his travels from city to city, from conference to conference, in two stages: part of the star during the descent from Stockholm to Palermo, and the second part during the ascent from Palermo to Christiania:

News from Sorat, "The Beast 666" - Christian LAZARIDÈS (


NB: The substitution of Christ in question already begins with Christmas.

On 25 December, at midnight, we open Santa's presents while the birth of Jesus, the future bearer of Christ, fades more and more into the background.

More and more people are wishing for a happy festive season rather than a merry Christmas (or else they talk about the "Magic of Christmas" or the "Spirit of Christmas" for commercial purposes).

The disappearance of Jesus means the disappearance of Christ.

However, some families, keen to accommodate different sensibilities, choose the path of compromise, as illustrated by the image below:


The 12 Holy Nights of the Christmas cycle influence the 12 months to come:

The Experience of the 12 Holy Nights of the Christmas Cycle, influencing the 12 months to come - Rudolf Steiner (

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